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I'm Pearl (:


Posted on : Sunday, January 17 @ 12:28 AM

I'm so bored of this already.

title: cause i'm damned if i do ya.
Posted on : Friday, January 8 @ 10:19 PM

i just realised i haven posted since the new year!
i did my podcast alr but then i think it sucks so i shudnt upload it LOL.
2009 was a dam fun year for me
thanks bff, eastb2, my girls from 3K'09, bandmates and exbandmates, team-mates, other 3k/4k friends, rosyth friends and cresmic friends for making 2009 an awesome yr :D

anw i had loads of fun w my teamates fr mikos bday and tingwei yvon jiaxin and yiting during the last day of hols
go fb for pics :D

yeah LOL.
today was a sucky sucky sucky sucky sucky day.
i think its all baoying -________-
was looking for some math stuff tht bryan sent me ages ago
then realised thrs a folder for all my chat logs since i started using this laptop
lag i know
so instead of my math i went to read them
from april this yr all the way to like october
gosh severe emo mood now /:
i wish i cud turn back time.

Posted on : Wednesday, December 30 @ 11:22 PM

chalet was awesome!
even tho i wanted to take 5 times as many photos hahahahah
anw more photos on my fb!
ghost stories/ truth or dare was fun!
oooo and chatting w vivian too
i love u babe!! :D

anw for the past week my nose has been bleeding like shit LOL
i think im dying LOL.
and ive been having dam alot of weird dreams
like i dreamt my mum was chasing me ard a hotel
it was SCARY.
then i dreamt i got bitten by a pink spider and my blood started turning pink too
if i spelt longer id probably turn into spider woman and av a cool latex costume LOL
AND i dreamt for some reason i had a son dunno come from whr LOL HAHAHAHAHA
then i left him in my house basement and forgot abt him for 2 weeks LOL

ANW my podcast is coming out tmr
ill try to hav an mp3 version for those ppl who cudnt dl the other one

i really thank God for answers!

Posted on : Monday, December 28 @ 11:56 AM

gg for chalet nw will b back SOON

Posted on : Friday, December 25 @ 11:52 PM

whooo merry christmas
i'm so lazy to blog hehe.
ytd today tmr has been/ will be a blast!
thanks everyone for making this christmas special.

lots of love,

Posted on : Sunday, December 13 @ 11:53 PM

gg to church camp from tmr morn to um
i think tues night lol
hmm i hav nth else to say
thanks theodore jayln amanda zonglong and tingwei for answering the ques
today's ques is wad are some things you would do if you knew the world was ending in 2012
love u all
<---please tag
ill see them on tues night/ wed morn

title: watch me on your video phone
Posted on : Saturday, December 12 @ 12:49 AM

gunna make this short and sweet :D

i think i've caught the taylor lautner fever hahaha

fav song nw is video phone by beyonce ft lady gaga.
the mv is rly cool
and lady gaga dances like a mad woman compared to beyonce
keep laughing at her ;x LOL
esp in the vid whr they show the making of that mv LOL
i prefer her dressing up in weird costumes
in tht vid u can see how she actually looks like

anw my next podcast will be up at the end of the year
i will make it less random LOL and i'll add embarrassing stuff inside so wait for it!

today's ques will be the same as the one in the podcast below cause like noone except tingwei bothered to ans LOL
(oh wait then shes asked me to delete it LOLLLL)
so who is one person in this world u wud switch bodies with
u cant say yourself/nigel.
i wud pick megan fox cause shes hot or taylor swift because shes tall and pretty AND is dating taylor lautner LOL
i wud pick beyonce too but then shes engaged alr :x